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Thread: best web cam for live streaming

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    Talking best web cam for live streaming

    anyone have recommendations for:

    1. web cam that is high quality and resolution
    2. able to do live streaming
    3. what software is available for live streaming on my web site.


    i was looking at some Intel pc cameras...

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    I have the Intel PC Pro camera and it works great. I haven't tried streaming to a website with it but I know it works in programs like Microsoft NetMeeting. Make sure both sides have good connections (cable, DSL, T1, etc.) for best quality and least latency.

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    Do I even have to ask what you plan on using it for if you have a "" in the topic header?

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    I really like the creative web cam plus. It has an auto focus, auto light detection and a motion sensor. It can be setup as a security camera and either take photos or a movie, and send it to where you'd like it to if it awaken by any motion at all. It'll take full motion video at 640x480 at up to 30fps. A good friend of mine has one and she uses it as a camcorder, it's hooked up to a vcr though a video out. Pretty good picture quality and it's 40-50 dollars. It also comes with some great software. One of the things she really likes about it is that you dont ahve to open the software to use it. Just press the button on top, and the program auto opens and is ready to capture video or stills.
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