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Thread: Cable Modem Problems

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    Ceramic Lion

    Unhappy Cable Modem Problems

    I have been having problems with my cable modem ever since I bought it. None of the people I talk to are experiencing problems as extreme as mine, and some tell me that I am having these problems because I live near, or on the outskirts of city.
    Before a few months ago, my cable modem would shut down constantly, on it's own time frame. Sometimes it would be down for 3 to 5 hours at the same time of night every week for a whole month - but, it was virtually always unusable as it was extremely slow and inconsistent. After about one to two years of this horrible service ( Cox Internet ) and dozens of "head tech guys" looking at everything, they finally decided to do some external work rather than ping the servers with my modem and say "If I sent someone out now, they'd think I was crazy, you're getting excellent ratings" ( as told to me by another customer service last night). 2, not one, but 2 trucks came, one of them being heavy duty. I commend cox for sending out something besides a small pick-up truck with a few wires in it. They worked on the power lines and everything in my neighborhood for a while and I thought that this was it, no more problems. I was wrong. Come a few weeks later the cable modem shut down again, but randomly this time. ( I know it's not traffic because I have attempted to use the cable modem at the wee hours of the morning ). I called up cox and threatened to sue them for deceptive practices, recalling how they offer "24 hour service." Then one of their several "head tech guys" comes out and opens my cable box, hits it with a hammer and says "I couldn't find a problem, I wish I was here when there was one." The problem is, they all say that. My connection began to gradually get up to par, and just when everything was perfect, bam, it starts having manic depression of speed. When playing a game like Counter-Strike, or Diablo 2 ( typing fps in your game will give you the ping ) The ping will average at about 20-100, but then everything stops responding and a few seconds later my ping skyrockets to 12,000 or so. And so my connection has been this way for a few days; I just want the problems to stop all together. Sometimes, I have to manually renew the IP address with winipfg to restore a valid connection, other times it gives me an error with the DHCP adapter "". And yes, I did configure rules for my firewall and then disabled it all together only to experience the same problems.

    Hardware: Best Data CMX110 Cable Modem, Homelink Broadband Network Bridge linking 3-4 computers in my house ea. computer with it's own IP address. A bunch of cable wires running through walls, and are split between cable TV and everything else.

    Requesting Help,
    The Ceramic Lion
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    I think you got a problem with your signal strength. Call your isp and tell them your problem and have them come check the lines. You could also have gotten a bad modem.

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    is it still occuring each night at the same time? if so, i would be suspicious that there are external factors that are contributing to your troubles.

    bad cable modems do not fail like clockwork at the same time every night. it certainly could be signal strength (or lack of signal), but i would recommend that you try and identify any variables that have not yet been considered.

    in my personal experience, i know of issues when the evening temperature would fall to a certain degree after sundown, the cabling would fail and and the modem would lose sync. each and every morning with the warm morning sun, connection was restored. another individual had a neighbor who watered their lawn each night at the same time. it appears that as the water seeped into the ground, it was able to short the cabling despite the shielding.

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    I heard a story maybe here that some guy's cable would go out from X to X hours every single day.

    Apparently another user (business) had cable and someone typed in the same IP address for the businesses as his. They'd compete for IP addresses and the business one would always win. The store opened from X and closed at X (starting up and shutting down pcs)

    All they had to do was change a number..imagine that

    Give ISP a call, suggest that.

    also get someone you know or a cable technition to check the signal strength of your cable modem. Maybe if your sick grandma turns on a TV on the same cable modem split you lost .555555593208493280432 DB and your cable doesnt' have enough power. If your lines are old, replace them. That should increse signal strength and possibly speed..definately consistancy.


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    Unhappy Experience the same problems

    Your problem seems very similiar to my own.
    I also enjoy playing Counter Strike..That is what influenced me to switch from 56k to a broad band service...
    However, I have become very un-pleased with the service I have recieved..
    It started from Day 1....Connections was decent, but nothing to brag about..
    After replacing the modem (Of Same Type)..I did notice slighlty better performance....My ping would average 70...I was pleased..
    For about 3 week now...Connections speeds have really dropped..
    My ping averaged 420 to 700....
    I went and performed a speedtest....143kbps.....Humm...Does not sound much like broad band...Eventually had another tech come out..Gut checked readings.......+5...Okay...He went to my computer..Opened the browser..typed in page...typed in blank page...typed in, a page comes up...All he could say was that he was totally amazed..Didn't have a clue to what the problem could be. make a long story short...I had another tech at my house today...Showed him how things were going..He's going to request for a modem of different type...Will let you know if that corrects my problem....
    Oh..I'll still be playing Counter Strike...But using my TRUSTED 56k....


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