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Thread: !!!Bellsouth Fast access DSL Kicks ASS!!!!

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    Talking !!!Bellsouth Fast access DSL Kicks ASS!!!!

    Here you Guys go read for yourself from people who has experienced slow from fast cable modems to dsl to tell you whats the best to get. DONT TAKE MY WORD FOR IT

    DIRECTV DSL (TM) /Telocity (customer in 32826)
    Plus: Connection seems reliable
    Bottom line: It is just a little bit faster than the 28.8kpp dial-up
    ..Read review

    RoadRunner (customer in 32808)
    Plus: speed
    Minus: none so far
    Bottom line: excellent
    ..Read review

    EarthLink (customer in 32806)
    Plus: easy to order and easy install
    Minus: poor communication between Earthink and Covad
    Bottom line: great service once I finally got it working Covad was also prompt and accurate with schedualing
    ..Read review

    DIRECTV DSL (TM) /Telocity (customer in 32806)
    - wrong area ..Read review

    BellSouth (customer in 32808)
    Plus: Connection has been very realiable and getting better speeds than my neighbors on Roadrunner
    Minus: During peak hours the mail server can be slow in send and receiving mail
    Bottom line: Very good service and well worth the price
    ..Read review

    RoadRunner (customer in 32810)
    Plus: Blazing fast! - Chews up DLS and spits it out!
    Minus: Exessive Downtime - RR acts stupid to the situation
    Bottom line: All I know is I ping 90 MS or below to any Quake III server in the United States or Canada!
    ..Read review

    RoadRunner (customer in 32818)
    Plus: They run their own gaming servers (UT, Q3, etc.)
    Minus: Horrible connection reliability
    Bottom line: If you're a serious net user who can't stand downtime, don't bother
    ..Read review (customer in 32828)
    Plus: Overall installation process was painless.
    Minus: Only 5 times faster than my old dial-up account at best.
    Bottom line: ISDL is not for gamers
    ..Read review (customer in 32828)
    Plus: Overall installation process was painless.
    Minus: Only 5 times faster than my old dial-up account at best.
    Bottom line: ISDL is not for gamers
    ..Read review

    RoadRunner (customer in 32808)
    Plus: Cancellation was quick and painless
    Minus: Everything else
    Bottom line: *censored* *censored* Service, Would not recommend it to my worst enemy.
    ..Read review

    BellSouth (customer in 32808)
    Plus: Reliability, Good Price, Excellent DL speeds.
    Minus: To be totally Honest, None
    Bottom line: Rock On Bellsouth!!!!! A definite winner in my book.
    ..Read review

    BellSouth (customer in 32829)
    Plus: Its very fast, few outages, instant on no waiting!
    Minus: It took along time to get it- the squeaky wheel gets the grease; no support for Home networks.
    Bottom line: I still would get it, good price for the service.
    ..Read review

    BellSouth (customer in 32835)
    Plus: Fast consistant speed (nearly the max in speed)
    Minus: Getting it.
    Bottom line: once you get it, it's the best, but only if you can get by the 'psuedo support'
    ..Read review

    BellSouth (customer in 32825)
    Plus: For the money, it's a great improvement over regular 56k modem
    Minus: If you screw up and don't know a thing about computers, tech support won't help much.
    Bottom line: For someone like me, who's the average internet user, it's great: fast, cheap, and connections are extremely reliable.
    ..Read review

    RoadRunner (customer in 32835)
    Plus: getting better speeds
    Minus: slow at times
    Bottom line:
    ..Read review (customer in 32806)
    Plus: Excellent pre-sales info, wide selection of services, best TOS
    Minus: Waiting game begins
    Bottom line: If all goes well, has the making of a winner
    ..Read review

    BellSouth (customer in 32807)
    Plus: FAST, FAST, FAST.
    Minus: Newsgroup servers suck. Don't even bother.
    Bottom line: Great if you know computers. Newbies may be confused by idiot tech support.
    ..Read review

    DSLi (customer in 32806)
    Plus: Fair web page, excelent value for money
    Minus: Filling out an inquiry form resulted in an order for me
    Bottom line: I don't want DSL from DSLi right now
    ..Read review

    PSN Internet Service (customer in 32833) (biz)
    Bottom line: Pitty people have nothing better to do then post nonsence post.
    ..Read review

    PSN Internet Service (customer in 32804) (biz)
    Bottom line: This is what i think
    ..Read review

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    sounds like you work for bellsouth

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    I had BellSouth FastAccess ADSL for awhile and it was great but I dropped it for a local provider (ShreveNet) because they had bridged circuits (no PPPoA/PPPoE crap) and private gaming servers (CS is awesome). Other than that, BellSouth was great. Never had any outages or anything like that and ping times and download speeds were great.

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    best promotion for fast access dsl

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