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    Memmory Managers...

    What are your comments on Memory Managers...i.e. Memory Booster Good? and remcomended ones? I also am wondering about the ones that defrag your ram...? i.e. comments please
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    Lurkers.... Answer was given on the "General" discussion board.

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    I don't use any of this mess as it is just something else running that slows you down and uses RAM to run

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    I used to have a low memory system and used Memturbo. but if you have 64mbram or more and only run 2 or 3 programs at a time there is no need for a memory manager.

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    Memeory managers are only useful if you have win 95 or you have more than 256MB ram. They are not useful if you have win98 or win ME. Especially in ME if you use memory managers like cacheman and memturbo it decreases performance.

    I have tried memtrubo, cacheman and a few others and i have come to the conclusion that 98 and ME don't need memory managers. Windows does a fine job by itself.

    You have not posted your system specs and your windows version. These would help. I don't know much about win 2000 as i have nevered used it. If you have win2000 just ignore me.

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    If u are running Windows 98, u know all about the notorious memory leak. RAMpage is a pretty good memory manager and only uses up about 188Kb of memory. On the other hand, there is a patch offered by Speedguide that will fix that messy leak

    RAMpage also comes bundled with a rr.exe file that, when configured, will release more RAM when an app closes.

    Click on RAMpage for the link
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