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    Problem problem problem

    Ok, here's the problem...
    I m trying to fix my uncle's laptop, which got screwed. Getting error message like not enough memory to do stuff. eg. Not enough memory to run shell32.dll. When ever I click on 1 button, it pops an error message. Anyways, here's the computer specs:

    PCIMIA cd-rom

    Not finish yet. Then i couldn't format cuz the cd-rom won't work in dos, so i deceided to reinstall windows (only 170MB of space left by now). After i installed it, it's going ok until hardware detection, finalizing screen. It was saying that not enough memory to run Shell32.dll and I know it's screwed. So waht I m doing now is.....deleteing everything except the CABS folder from windows directory, try to install from the CABS. Anyone other ways of solving it? Or does this CABS method works?

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    Is there anyway you can test the ram in that thing. It sounds like you have a ram problem. I don't know too much about labtops though. Just an Idea.

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    If you have floppy drive. Make win 98 recovery cd with cd rom support in any win98 running machine and boot the laptop with that disk. go to a: prompt and say "format c: and hit enter. This apply if you decided to leave behind your previous intall window system. format the whole drive c and than go t cd rom drive what ever letter example D and run your fresh window9x agian. I hope this would work



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