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Thread: CDROM Spin up

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    CDROM Spin up

    I have a new Yamaha 16X10X40 cd burner. It replaced my CDROM so it does my burning and all other things we use CDROM's for.

    It has one problem, when it "spins up" it is loud, like a prop airplane taking off. First time it did this I thought "oh crap, this thing is going to explode." but I look in the owners manual and this issue is addressed:

    CDROM is noisy - "Yes, like many fast CDROM's your CDROM uses CAV (Constant Angular Velocity) method to achieve a high constant disc rotation to increase the data transfer rate"

    Ok Fine! But is there a tweak I can apply to shorten the spin up? I could stand it if it was a shorter soin up or not as often.

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    Nope, If you slow it down ,you would be defeating the purpose of haveing a high speed cd burners. You will get use to it after while.
    Plus make sure all your connections are right to. GoodLuck!


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