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Thread: Is this the right motherboard?

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    Is this the right motherboard?

    I'm in the process of looking for an old AT board to run off some old hardware I have lying around as a linux server.

    Pentium 100MHz
    200w US POWER PSU
    2x 1.6gb(1 Seagate, 1 WD) ATA/33
    32mb RAM - 4x 8mb SIMMS
    Diamond Stealth 64 2mbVRAM

    Here is the description of the motherboard I'm looking into getting for it.



    This AT-format Gateway 2000 board is based on the Intel Triton chipset (430FX). It is model MBDSAC018AAWW and looks like new. It takes 72-pin SIMMs; EDO or FPM and has on-board I/O. Note that this board takes a PS/2 keyboard. It also has a connector for a PS/2 mouse.

    It supports single-plane voltage CPUs such as Intel Pentium P54, Cyrix/IBM 6x86, and AMD K-5. It has dip switches and supports 75-100 MHZ CPU speeds. I tested it with a 133 and it worked fine but ran it at 100 MHz. It has a good CMOS battery but I am including a new one just in case.

    Switch settings are clearly marked on the board. Support info is at Gateway here. This site also says it will go to 133 MHz but I didn't verify.


    Here is a pic...

    Does this sound like the right board for the job?

    Thanks. -el bob
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    i'll give ya a bump, i think it would work, unsure though!

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    it'll work. 99.9% guarantee
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