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Thread: Ram Drive

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    Ram Drive

    Hey ya'll, got me one of those ram drives and now need ideas to mess up my comp. This little beauty has lotsa potential for fun. I have not yet done the "crazy man's tweak", but have found some interesting things to do with the ram drive.

    1. Made my temp install file point to the ram disk
    2. Made my temp internet files point there. (cookies get hammered tho)
    3. Also where I d/l mp3s to, I can listen to em and delete em real fast if I don't like em, no HD fragging.

    Y'all come up with any fun ways to implement a ram drive? Lemme know please.

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    or use the RD in my sig and the script will save you from loosing anything
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    I only use my RD for Internet Temp files.. maybe I'll try what you guys have suggested

    Lance the link on your homepage for SG needs to be updated for the VB.. it's linked to the UBB addy.. just thought I'd let ya know
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