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The Future of Independent Hardware Sites is in Jeopardy
By Van Smith

For Internet veterans, independent computer hardware news and review sites have obvious value. Timely reporting with fresh and varied perspectives is priceless for the IT professional seeking insight into high technology trends and developments. The rapid and relentless pace of computer related technology advancement can bury even the most resourceful expert. The blooming of specialized “enthusiast” sites has given savvy professionals a competitive edge.

For those exploiting their value, hardware sites have allowed readers to shop for trustworthy insight among the numerous organizations and personalities. With a broad selection of sites, the reader can, according to his tastes, winnow down his “must read” list to a handful of honest and competent sites, allowing selected and trusted reviewers to digest the design details and report bottom line assessments. Although the plethora of sites has enabled unequaled accessibility to technical minutiae, the most potent deliverable of this Internet community has been the opportunity for readers to establish relationships with honest writers whose unfettered insight can be trusted. Being able to contrast the opinions of several such reviewers multiplies these benefits.

But independent Internet computer technology news and review sites are dying. Vying to steal and wear the deceased’s clothes are polished mainstream media imposters who will be dishing out the same old mainstream slop.

If you care about the long term viability of independent computer hardware review and news sites then now is the time to act. Save the sites!
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