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Thread: Packet Loss Caused by Linksys Router

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    Packet Loss Caused by Linksys Router

    After testing, I found out that my Linksys Router is causing the packet loss problems...I tested this by connecting the modem directly to my computer, and then to the router.

    Is there a way to fix this problem? I am using the most up to date firmware (1.35.8). Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    Lightbulb You may...

    You may want to try and switch NICs. Several NICs are known to give the Linky fits.

    I think I'm falling in this category, using a KNE110TX... Intel here I come...


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    I'm sure it's not the NIC

    I just tested this using another computer with a different network card. I got the same packet loss as I did with the computer I'm typing on right now.

    Do you have any other suggestions (this goes out to all of you ). Thanks.

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    Latest Firmware for the Linksys is 1.39 beta or 1.38.5 official.Go here for the beta,16 i noticed a little speed improvement over the 1.38.5.

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    I tried the beta firmware, but it didn't help remedy the problem. any other ideas?


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