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We have a Frequently Asked Questions and a good Glossary (close to 300 terms) on the main site that can use some additional input, and can prove a good information source...

If you have question/answer or a telecommunications term/definition that you don't see there and you think we should add, please post in this thread or PM/ email me.

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This forum is for the support of cable and DSL users. Technical questions, comments, asides, etc, are all welcomed. Please avoid simply complaining about your ISP, their level of customer service, their technicians, etc.


Uncapping posts
Uncapping is very different than tweaking your end of the connection. While tweaking is completely legal and even endorsed and recommended by ISPs, uncapping means breaking into your modem and changing the cap imposed by your Internet provider, and therefore might be considered theft of service.

Please understand that uncapping your broadband connection is illegal and we, the staff of Speed Guide, Inc., Do Not condone it!

Before posting questions about uncapping, please read our editorial here:

Uncapping Editorial

Also, please check previous threads, it's been discussed 100s of times: Search

As a guideline, we allow discussions pertaining to ways to uncap cable modems to adress security issues in the DOCSIS standard, however posts asking "How do I uncap my modem" will not be tolerated.

Information about hacking and uncapping DOCSIS Cable modems has been made public recently. It does not mean there is a flaw in the standard, rather some operators that failed to secure their networks properly. Here are a few articles on the subject: