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Thread: High ping in UT

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    Angry High ping in UT

    I am getting pings in UT of about 200+ even up to 400 and 500 on some bad servers. Are there any tweaks that I can use for both my cable modem and UT to make it ping lower??

    Sys Specs:
    AMD K6-2 550
    ATi Rage Fury MAXX
    256mb PC133
    Toshiba PCX 1100u
    3Com EtherLink III (ISA) w/ 6mb allocated to it
    Montego Xtsream


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    Not much you can do. Using the latest drivers from 3COM for your NIC? Much better than the generic Windows ones. A PCI NIC will shave a few milleseconds off, but only a few, you're looking for a lot.

    That ram to IRQ tweak is a myth, I've yet to see anything that can prove it does anything.

    Most of it is up to your ISP, and based on the number of hops your ISP takes you from your house to your target server. Gotta search for servers with less hops, ideally under 10 hops for best performance.
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    If possible, run a trace route to a server that you normally connect to and post the results here, so that we can pinpoint where your pings goes up.

    To do this go to Run... and type:


    where the x's are the IP address of the server.
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