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Thread: Slow cable...

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    Red face Slow cable...

    * Please wait up to 10 seconds.. collecting data
    * Your RWIN reads as 241408 (scaling is on)
    * All tests passed perfectly.
    * We recommend you leave everything as it is!
    TCPopts hex string is 020405b40103030201010402
    Max Segment Size is 1460
    Your MTU is set ok
    Window Scaling 2 bits (RFC1323)
    SACK Permitted (RFC2018)
    Ping stability 409 417 391 428 416 361 444 404 379 354
    Quick packet-loss tested ok
    Scaled DefaultRcvWindow (RWIN) is 241408
    Your RWIN limits you @400.3ms to 4824kbps
    Your RWIN limits you @200ms to 9656kbps
    Your RWIN is advertised as 241408 (scaling is on)
    (Beyond 65k, advertised RWIN is scaled)
    Your Path MTU Discovery is ON
    Max sized data packet from you 1500
    * End
    Test running..Downloaded 60900bytes in 2140ms
    Downloaded 696000bytes in 6150ms
    First guess is 905kbps
    medium speed line - now test 1mb
    Downloaded 1109250bytes in 17300ms
    Upload got ok 1 bytes uploaded
    Uploaded 1bytes in 720ms
    Upload got ok 1 bytes uploaded
    Uploaded 1bytes in 550ms
    Upload got ok 1 bytes uploaded
    Uploaded 1bytes in 550ms
    Upload got ok 50000 bytes uploaded
    Uploaded 50000bytes in 2030ms
    Upload got ok 100000 bytes uploaded
    Uploaded 100000bytes in 3300ms

    ** Speed 512(down)/290(up) kbps **
    (At least 10 times faster than a 56k modem)
    Now I'm not a expert on stuff like this, but I think this is alittle too slow for cable? I have downloaded and installed all the nessesary patches and nothing seems to help. Any suggestions?

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    Yes, you have some kind of cable problem, call cable company and tell them your pings are way to high

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    Let me guess, you have @Home?

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    Wait I take that back....your email address is an RR address so you must have RR. You gotta get a ticket for that man. Go to and then go into the live chat and explain your problem and demand he give you a ticket.

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    Well I just got off the chat, according to them, there are latency "problems" in my area that they are trying to fix, but there is no ETR. Aren't I the lucky one...

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