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    Post RWIN

    What's a good RWIN for my computer? MTU is set at 1500. Currently RWIN is set to 65535. I've got @home running on a 600MHz PIII w/256MB RAM and a 30gig hd. Ahoyhoy

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    All three sites in my sig (just click on the Icon of your choice and it'll take you there) have some great tweaks for rwin's . Make sure you back up your registery before attemping ANY tweaks.
    PS... the Rwin you have is the standard for windows.

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    Your RWIN does seem kinda low, to get above a RWIN of 65535 if you are running WIN 98 or SE go to patch page this site, read directions and install Vtcp386 Fix patch
    the default for Windows is RWIN of 8192, you need to install fix patch to get above 65535

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    Sir, go to and run test, at end of test click on internet, this will tell you what your RWIN is in your registry,
    65535 means you have got to apply Vtcp386 Fix patch, retest, post results back here, here's how:
    1. go to www.dslreports/tools
    2. Click on tweak tester
    3. Put, by clicking a check mark in the verbose box, run test
    4, Highlight everthing in the box with your mouse and press Ctrl & c
    5. Come back to Speedguide, same thread you were on, reply, in the box
    hit Ctrl & v, this will copy results so I may see them.
    6. Thank you and good luck.


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