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    SySpeed registry tweaker makes Web browsing more intelligent and faster. It is an optimizer for Dial-Up/Modem and LAN/Cable/DSL Internet connections, a Web Accelerator software utility.
    SySpeed also checks internet speed(download) and find the best internet settings(MTU and etc) for the internet line automatically. It prevents the fragmentation in data transfer and optimizes your TCP/IP settings, greatly increasing network throughput.
    This translates into faster web browsing, faster e-mail, quicker downloads, and improved overall Internet performance.

    Please notes the others opinion about SySpeed.

    This is the SySpeed links
    SySpeed Download
    SySpeed web page

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    It takes a few seconds for SySpeed to find MaxMTU. I think that just display the download speed from the test web site by pinging. But it tell me the almost exact bandwidth from test web site(my opinion).
    When the syspeed was minized (in tray icon), one pinging takes about 10 seconds.
    If it does not heavy, it is good accessary as a tray box utility.

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    I'm gonna cut through the crap on this post and tell you what exactly this program does:

    1) This is a 7 Day demo trial version.
    2) Using ICMP Echo Request with variable buffer sizes it calculates your best MTU (i.e. the MTU that might give you the least fragmentation)
    3) It has some sort of algorythm that will calculate your current bandwidth. I would not trust this in determining your real bandwidth as it relies on math calculations and the ICMP protocol.
    4) It also tells you your MaxMTU.
    5) It will calculate your RWIN based of its bandwidth algorythm.

    Overall this is a clean utilitly for the tweaker who want's not to fiddle with anything in his registry he can just load this up and set optimize and it will do it for him.


    I couldn't ping really much of anything. I tried stuff I could clearly ping in cmd.exe and it wouldn't take I don't know why.

    Since I use a UGate router with the new firmware it doesn't set my MTU/MSS accordingly because it uses ICMP. My REAL MTU is 1476 because of the UGate that limits it.

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