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Thread: Rwins for Gaming vs. Surfing

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    Post Rwins for Gaming vs. Surfing

    As subject implies, I read somehwhere that rwins for gaming might want to be lower (like below 8000 kinda range) as any potential packet loss and ping related stuff is handled better at a lower rwin.

    My current rwin is at 513920 here is a dsl report as well.....

    * Your scaled RWIN offered as 441344
    * Some tests failed.
    * Use the RWIN calculator - possibly lower it
    * Recommendations end.
    * Detail..
    * Your MTU is set ok
    * You are 16 hops away
    * Your remaining TTL is 51
    * Your TTL is 67
    * Quick packet-loss tested ok
    * Your scaled RWIN is advertised as 441344
    * Scaled RWIN on data packet is 513920
    * End

    So...I'm not sure if I should lower rwin for gaming, expecially at why does this dsl report say 441344 is my scaled rwin?

    Thanks in advance for any information.

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    Where you have RWIN is way to high, 8000 is way to low, put it back where it was, dslr never reports corect RWIN, use our tweak tester

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    Hey Lobo:

    Thanks for the response.

    I wee you saying that the 513920 is way too high ...and 8000 is way too low... what would be your guess as to the right rwin.

    I have the speed enhancer utility that suggests a setting of 373000 ( or thereabouts) Is that the number you had in mind? Or something different?

    thanks again

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    It's a shame that UDP doesn't use or recognize Revieve Windows otherwise you might be able to tweak that factor
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