The Dog here...with a question to those that know... ...We're running a Compaq 5630 and have added a few items that might need more juice than the 165 Watt OEM pwr supply can give presently running 400MHZ PII,384MB Pc100 sdram, ScSi burner, 12GB Quantum EIDE HD, 36GB Seagate ScSi HD, 100
100MB Zipdrive ide,Compaq DVD CDrom, 6 case fans, and a partrige in a peartree. Anywho the present power supply isn't AT or ATX it has two separate connectors comming off the power supply 1 / has 3 / 3.3v + 3 grounds six total the second has 12... 1 / -12v .. 4 grounds ..+ 1 / 12v ..+ 3 / 5v + 1 / 5vsb (purple)+ 1 gray + 1 orange that appears to b 4.5V this one has me stumped is it supposted 2 b 5v??? well I would like to go with an atx 400watt atx by repinning to match the voltages but Eye just dunno!