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Thread: A Guide to Virus and Anti Virus Programs

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    Jandolent; Good stuff. Tried to download the pseudo-virus. Got this:

    "Innoculate IT real-time protection version" box came-up.

    It stated:

    "Innoculate IT real-time protection has found that C:\WINDOWS\TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES\CONTENTIE5\TPD4K80F\EICAR[1].Com is the EICAR test string reviewer test file"

    With an OK button.

    I clicked on OK and got a message that it wouldn't even let it in. Only option was to abort download.

    Didn't know this prog worked THAT well.

    Thanks. Gave me some peace of mind.

    If anyone wants this AV prog it is Freeware, as Jandolent noted. You can get it at: updates are free as well. Works better than any I ever paid for.

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    Hey keeper
    I am using it on my laptop, and it really works....had to reduce the number of files it checks on startup, from 100 to 50....also had to tell ZAPro to let it in to do the updates....if you use to check your system, it tells you that your system is protected from virus...although you are not using Norton AV.
    I would recommend it!!!

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    Nice posting, it has been my experience...after visiting several virus labs that another important effort underway in reverse engineering. Often the labs are sent malicious code from "collectors" who capture the code in the wild and send it to the labs for analysis. This also leads to development of effective countermeasures...often collecting virus from a country like China before it is collected from an infected US site...can lead to some advance warning. I also agree with your point about labs developing virus themselves, the number of virus that have been collected in the "wild" is much less than the number thrown around by the commercial labs that develop consumer products. Have a good one. Regards

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    just joined this group and I'm quite impressed with everyone I see here and the help being posted, found this to be an excellent resource janodent
    Originally posted by JANDOENT:
    Anti Virus programs are constantly being outdated due to the manufacturing of new viri. Typically it is not cost effective for each Anti Virus (AV) program manufacturer to do it's own research on potential new virus. The industry has economized and streamlined the process rather effectively. It seems a limited number of computer science experts do most of the research. They themselves, actually make virus so they can in effect prevent, detect and remove them. With technology constantly growing, this is an on going task.These researchers then sell the info. to the program manufacturers.
    Viri can be placed into diff. classifications: Potential Virus, Known Virus, Virus Hoax, etc..Each classification can then be further broken down into diff. classes.
    Due to my recent eye problems and not knowing each individuals interest into the depth of desired virus knowledge, I will list links and a summary of what the link is about. In this way, each individual can choose the topic of interest to them with out inane info. boring them and with minimal strain to my eyes.
    May people really do not know the differences in Virus, Trojans, Worms, Bugs and Spyware(This is a huge topic). This article is on viri, so lets begin with what actually is a virus;
    Some of you may find the evolution of virus interesting;
    In the security forum, Speed Guides objectives are to inform you of facts, present you with some ideas, and to help you to solve your individual problems giving you the safest ways possible to enjoy your computer.
    Unfortunately, learning incorrect info is as bad as ignorance. So lets take a look at hoaxes and "hear say" info;
    I am not an expert in virus nor even in computers. I merely look for the best, non bias, true fact and information sites that I can locate. Be careful whom you accept info from. An opinion is not a fact. This site may open your eyes to have a better understanding of who is actually qualified or not qualified to give you bonafide info.
    Links to some of the worlds leading virus experts;
    This link is to the organization that keeps the list of viri that anti virus programs are tested against to grade their performance.Also, how virus are named, frequently asked questions, etc..
    This is to the organization that actually tests and ranks AV programs;
    This link is probably why most of you are reading this thread. It is the comparison chart to most popular AV programs;
    This link shows the programs that pass the test of detecting 100% of the know virus;
    This is a test file (completely harmless) that you can download or email to see if an AV program is working and detects it, also how it would react if a real virus was detected. It is simply a code typical of what a virus code would look like. Your 'puter will actually believe that this is a virus.Again, it is HARMLESS;
    This is an actual screenshots of various viri, in case you were curious on what they look like;
    These are some various online virus test sites, containing knowledge of all known virus and will check your 'puter to see if you have any;

    In choosing an anti virus program, remember your operating system (Win9x,Linus,etc.)plays a part in function. Selecting a consistant and proven AV program that you can operate easily, should protect you efficiently. Overall test performance should weigh more than 1 or 2 individual tests.

    I hope that this info. will increase your knowledge and give you a better understanding so that you will be able to defend your 'puter as well as possible.
    This info. is free and available for you to share with your friends. Unfortunately, the cost of the website is not. Please help us to keep SpeedGuide as it is now by registering and visiting the site frequently.

    EVERYONE that reads this, please post,even if only one word (this is a great way to increase your post count with out spamming) so I can get an idea of how many people find it useful and want me to continue researching the various aspects of security. Any comments, additional info or criticitism will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You,

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    Thanks a lot everyone! We are trying to make broadbanding safe for everyone! Glad the thread is of benefit to you!

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    I found it VERY useful!
    Thanks JANDOENT.


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    thanks JANDOENT! Count me in and thanks for your initiative. rookie

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    Thanks man. I have been using Norton for over a year now. and the constant feed of free updates is well worth it!

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    Really great info. Txs!!


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