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Thread: Windows NT4 Workstation & Sympatico HSE

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    Windows NT4 Workstation & Sympatico HSE

    How do I configure winnt4ws to work with Sympatico ADSL?

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    You will need to know what kind of ADSL modem or router they installed on your site. Normally all set up information such as IP address, gateway IP, DNS IP etc. will be given to you at the installation time. All you need to do is add the TCP/IP stack (protocol) into your NT network set up and you are all set.

    Static Host Name for Dynamic IP address:

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    Thanks for reply, Dynhost. However, I have a problem with domain names. When I ping a numeric ip, i get a reply but not with alpha. I inputed the dns server addresses that were provided to me.

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    Does this happen for every host name? For example if you try to ping then you will get an invalid host name error message?

    If that is the case then it is definitely the DNS server on the ISP end is not functioning or the IP address for the DNS server was wrong!

    Static Host Name for Dynamic IP address:


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