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Thread: Thanks to all contributors

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    Talking Thanks to all contributors

    Everyone's efforts combined, almost 500 CPU years have been donated to the Folding@home project so far! I think this is an incredibly great achievement, considering how shortly ago Folding was introduced. Speedguide has contributed a fair share, we're at pos. 16 in the team rankings now, and expected to rise up to 9 with the current level of folding.

    Thanks to all teams and individuals, it's great to know a lot of people care. I think this is a milestone we should celebrate.


    **Note, I got this figure by adding the CPU days of all teams and then dividing it by 365.25, which is reasonably close to the average number of days in a year. The exact figure according to the DSL Reports Team Helix Stats site is 494,1957563 years.

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    On behalf of everyone I except the award and say your welcome. I couldn't have done it without all the little people that fold around (mostly below) me.

    LOL ,

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