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Thread: New Windows Install...Slow Downloads

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    Angry New Windows Install...Slow Downloads

    I recently had to go thru a complete Windows 98Se re-install. My @home service is slower then it used to be. Ive installed the recommended reg tweaks from SG. I noticed that my pages seem to load ok, slower then usual, but @Home said they were having trouble in the area. My biggest problem is the fact that to download a file off the internet is EXTREMELY SLOW. Try 1.2-6.5Kbytes/ sec SLOW......What could be up with this?

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    This shouldn't be in the teams forum. Please ask this question in the Cable forum for fast responses. It is required that you post in the right forums posted by the moderators.

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    did u install the Quest@home speedpatch? or cablenut? try to tweak your RcvWindows to didn't work that well for me, but it works better than b4 tweaking...
    I m habving the same problem with @home, not getting full speed...which is 300+Kb


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