I have two systems connected with a Crossover cable. Connection between the two is fine. System 1 is WIN2K, system 2 is Win98.
I have System connected to a cable modem and I'm trying to get the ICS to work for system 2.

I should mention that I have AOL on the system two and it connections through the ICS. I know AOL sucks. Now before it worked fine but now for some reason after someone signs off of AOL, it stops working and I have to reboot system 1 in order for someone to sign back on AOL. I don't think it's AOL because I havn't done anything to that system. I was screwing around on System 1 just to look around and ever since this happens. I tried removing all protocols and then readding them. I've removed the adapters and let them intall themselves and still no go.

After every attempt to change something it won't work until I reboot system 1 and it will work for the first Sign on through AOL then it won't work anymore.

I would appreciate any help.