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    I upgraded my Pentium 133 and FIC PT-2006 components to an amd k6-2 475 and soyotek sy 5EHM mainboard. After finding many problems and after breaking a pin, I finally was able to boot up the computer and enjoy my new power. The nic card I use for my cable modem works great, it is PCI. My network NIC is a real problem, it is ISA. It seems that most of my iSA cards had problems. I fixed the BIOS settings, and now have my sound card back. The NIC still gives me problems. I change that made the sound card work was changing the pci/pnp bios config from pci/isa to legacy isa. Any help is appreciated!

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    I am guessing here. It looks like you have IRQ conflict between your sound card and NIC.

    Take a snapshot of your system and see for any available IRQs. Normally, you could change the jumper on a legacy cards.

    You have to have a free IRQ for your NIC to work.


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