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Thread: DSL is killing my LAN!!

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    Angry DSL is killing my LAN!!

    I just switched from @Home cable modem to Flashcom DSL. I have an NT server and two clients attached to it. I have the basic 2 NICs in the server and everything feeding off a hub except the DSL which is on the number 1 NIC in the server. This worked great for the cable modem, but now that I have the DSL, I have big problems! If both NICs are enabled in the server, I only have LAN access. If I disable the LAN NIC, I can surf from the server. I work in the field and am currently studying for the NT4 server exam, so I am starting to freak out! I have 4 other guys at work thinking about what the problem could be, but so far no one has an answer that works. The DSL modem is a 3Com SDSL (which in their parlance means "copper") modem. Any ideas?


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    You are using 2 NICs on the sharing computer/server. That's a good start.

    It seems like you are running a server and using what? You need a NAT for the other clients to go out into the internet. Proxy server could be tricky to setup but this would enable your client to go out into the net aswell. If you enable caching, this would even be better since the level of access point is accessed accordingly.

    ps. i remembered you posted something like this on the other forum before. Hmmm.

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    Nothing like covering all the bases.
    I am running Sygate on the server until I can get the next box up for a real proxy.

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    That's interesting. If you are able to share connection before with should be able to do the same with DSL. (btw, I hate flashcom). Unless, the configuration is changed in the server. I figured the client cannot see the internet aswell. Hmmm.

    The answer lies in configuring the NICs. It should be that the NIC that's attached to the DSL modem is shared while the NIC that's attached to the LAN should have it's own IP The client PC should have DHCP enabled.

    You are almost there. Try to reconfigure your NICs again...carefully looking ip conflict or protocols you might need to reconfigure. But then again, if it used to work with should work with DSL.



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