Binary Visions is pleased to announce that an update is available for Link Logger, the premier logging tool for Linksys Etherfast Cable / DSL Routers. The Link Logger version update includes:

- Automatic resort of new traffic events. This feature can be turned off ('Setup...'->'User'). This means that Link Logger can add new events to the top of the traffic list (or any other sort order) automatically.
- Ability to disable auto hostname lookups ('Setup...'->'User'). Sometimes looking up a hostname can send a message to the other system, possibly informing them that you are aware of their activity. This puts Link Logger into 'stealth' mode. You can still manually lookup a host name by clicking the button to the right of the name.
- Link Logger now reloads the traffic list according to display filters. There is also a separate field to set the number of rows returned by a reload as compared to IP or Port history lookup ('Setup...'->'User').
- More information on the alarm screen.
- Link Logger remembers how it was last visually configured on the screen when it starts.

Link Logger is the professional logging tool for the Linksys Etherfast Cable / DSL Router product line (BEFSR11, BEFSR41, BEFSRU31, BEFSR81, etc) for Windows 98/98SE/ME/NT/2000. Link Logger has numerous features including:

- Raises alerts for suspicious traffic, both inbound and outbound .
- Historical traffic retrieval for port and IP addresses.
- User define alarms for traffic including both IP and Port alarms.
- Event detail information including destination port services, hostnames, Time, and attack/Trojan information.
- Sortable columns for alert level, traffic direction, time, IP addresses, and ports.
- Support for port forwarding for servers.
- Trusted IP relationships.
- Display filters.
- Usage reports and graphs for your internet traffic as a whole or in computer-by-computer detail.
- Drag and Drop of events to email or other drag and drop compatible software such as word processors.
- View traffic information for your whole network from a central machine

Link Logger is marketed as shareware ($21.95) and has a free 30-day fully functional evaluation period. To download Link Logger or learn more about Link Logger please visit our web site at Link Logger Web Site.

Blake McNeill