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Thread: Question about a 2 cable modem network.

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    I'm new to this group and pretty new to networking. What sort of equipment is needed to connect two LAN's using 2 different cable modems, so that both LAN's can see each other using NetBeui. Right now I have two LAN's (3 and 5 nodes). Using three switched hubs I was able to have all computers connect to the Internet using TCP/IP and each computer could see only those computers in their respected LAN. I bought the netgear FS116 and thought that I could just hook all 8 computers and both cable modems up to it and everything would be ok. Not surprisingly though, it did not work. Some of the computers can see eachother but others can't that could when I was using the three switches. Only one of the modems worked. Long story short, with what equipment and how can I connect two LAN's together, preferablly using as little equip as possible. Sorry if this sounds a tad confusing, but I am still learning and I welcome any and all input.

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    The easiest way i think to set that up is to have all eight PC's using the same workgroup with to with the same subnetmasks of or whatever. using the 16port netgear. if you have two cable modems i assume you were given two static IP's for them. if you know these i guess the best way is to divide the PCs up into 2 groups of four and have one group with the first modem's IP as a gateway and the second group with the second modem's IP as their gateway. not a great idea, but the simplest way to do this. you could add both ip gateways to all the PC's but that could or could not work. ive tried it once in a small office enviroment and it somehow worked. Netbui isnt as easy to do troubleshooting with but is more secure than TCP/IP. its up to you. try using TCP/IP only and if that works either install software firewall programs on all PC's or go back to NetBui and slug it out, at least you'll know it does work. sorry i couldnt help with NETBUI, but to be honest i know very little about it. hope this mumbling helped you


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