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Thread: Linksys 4port Router Remote access

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    Question Linksys 4port Router Remote access

    Currently I have the router setup with 2 pc
    and it runs flawlessly with no problems.
    But I have encountered which might be
    a problem. I upgraded the firmware to 1.35
    with success.

    I have remote management and upgrade disabled
    but I can still access the router from
    the internet. Has anyone had this problem?
    I thought that by having these disabled,
    you could not access the router from the internet or isp assigned ip. I'm puzzled

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    cant access my router remotely... dunno what to tell you. yes i have the linky

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    I dont have this router but let me ask this. Are you actually trying to access it from the internet or form inside your lan? It may actually be disabled from you being able to access it from the net yet the lan machines still can by typing in the address because they are part of the local network, not the internet.

    On my Feesco Linux router I can do this. I have it set to use my web browser to get into the settings of the router but you cant do it from a machine somewhere else outside of the lan. I can turn on the setting to be able access it from anywhere on the net, though.

    Once again I may be way off in left field on this one but wanted to stick my nose into it anyway.

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    Wik you are correct. I had tried this from
    within my lan using my isp ip number and
    was able to get in. I had a friend try and
    access my linksys from the outside but was unable to. Looks like everything is



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