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Thread: Shotgunning cable modems (2 cable modems)

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    Cool Shotgunning cable modems (2 cable modems)

    Anyone know if it is possiable to hook 2 cable modems up. i have access to a second one and i wanna know if i could hook both of them up and share them across my network. i am on adelphia. would this work or do they block only one connection per cable line? does anyone know?

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    The only way I can think of that you would be able to do this is through some type of load balancing. To do that, you really need a router that will handle both cable connections at once and will automatically balance between them. With two separate cable modems I don't see how this is possible. Another option is that if you are sharing them with a large network, have half the computers use one as their gateway and half use the other. That would split your network traffic between the 2 modems.

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    Yes, I have heard of this being successfully done. Though I can't personally verify, a buddy claims he is shot gunning 2 cable modems with a program called SPLIT (?). He claims he is getting tremendous throughput.

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    Cool thanks.... ill look into gettin that modem from my uncle then. maybe i can get this setup some how..

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    Check this out for size.

    Combine multiple internet connections

    Dual/Tri/Quad internet connections/mediums/ISPs ...... I'm getting DSL service ontop of my Cable service to help those damned capped uploads out. Checkout the info up top. For the main page :



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