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    Question client computer problem

    Hey. I have a cable modem and have recently have put together a network with my roomate. here is the deal. I have a e-machine in my room which i have running as the main server. I connected my roomates labtop as the client computer. it is connected directly to mine using no hub. I have the trial software of winproxy 3. everything works ok but there are some problems.
    1. the client can surf the net and download with no problem and we can share files and drives. however, the client is having problems connecting to other servers like AOL, AOl instant message, MSN instant message and also other programs that i download and then try to register them. it even had a problem connecting to microsoft. is the problem the proxy settings? What should i do.

    2. Also, the client has a half-duplex sound card. what exactly is that? How can i get it to be full so we can use dialpad and other free phone programs?

    3. what is the best proxy program to use? is there a free one since my winproxy one will expire soon.

    thank you for the help if u can help. please help!!!my roomate is dying to use his computer.

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    Well, let see. To answer your questions...
    1.It seems your DNS setting may be a little screwy.
    2.If the sound card is integrated go into your BIOS and disable it and buy a new full duplex PC card sound card.If it's not integrated pull it out and replace it with a full duplex card.
    3. I am really partial to sambar server as a free proxy.It's not a resource hog and it's free. It ran for a year in my closet on a win95 486 with 32 meg with nary a problem. Just restarted every month or so. You can get it at


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