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Thread: Network and the crazy tier2 guys @home

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    Angry Network and the crazy tier2 guys @home

    Ok I have 2 computers hooked to my cable modem thu a hub Had tech set it up worked great for days compter1 is still working and computer2 is not I call @home they did all kinds of stuff still no computer2 We even did away with hub went striaght in to modem nuthing they told me to reload win98E which is what it is running this seems to me a lil crazy can anyone help me please my son's want their computer to surf on
    My ICQ is 26179846

    Thanks in advance

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    Well, it sounds like your comps TCP/IP stack is corrupt. There are a few fixes the first being easier but not full proof.

    First remove all the networking components completely from the affected machine. then Remove the NIC drivers. Then shut down the machine. Full power off and all. Then turn it back on and it should rediscover the nic and reinstall all the networking components that you will need to reconfigure.

    Second sometimes simply moving the card around in the slots (trying a differant slot) will do the trick.

    Third is if all else fails and the stack is in so far gone that nothing helps, try a differant NIC. Worst case scenario is you reinstall 98. Then you should have absolutely no problem, but mind you don't install on top of your existing stuff, do a clean install after formatting.

    Hope this helps.


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