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Thread: Tried to deal with our ISP and was told...

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    Tried to deal with our ISP and was told...

    We've had Spectrum at our house since day 1. Occasionally when the price would go up I would call them and they would sympathize with me and knock down the cost to the "New Customer" price for 12 months and I'd be happy. We have been going back and forth like this for a long time. Today a guy from Frontier knocked on the door and made some pretty incredible claims that I thought were just too good to be true. I told him I'd have to check this out online. Anyway, lo and behold this is what they are offering on their site to new customers.

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    I called Spectrum and asked why I was paying $84 for 300/10 service? When I asked if there was anything they could do for me, wink wink, they basically just shut me down. I even gave the guy a couple of chances to change his mind but he would not budge. I mean, if I can get 500/500 for $40 that leaves a couple of $20's in my pocket each month. I realize that there are a couple of "limited time" caveats but even if it goes up after 12 months I'm still coming out way ahead. When the guy was at my front door I asked him if this includes the UPS etc that usually comes with fiber and he said it even included installation. What am I missing?

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    Fiber is great. Seems better, faster snappier than cable in our last two houses over the past 20ish years. The only issues I've seen is with a small local fiber provider at some business.

    I would definitely go for fiber at those prices, but I would start with the lower tiers, as it is usually a big hassle to downgrade later. 500/500 looks like a great deal, you can always upgrade later if you decide. Even streaming 4k video content from Netflix doesn't consume more than 10 Mbps anyway.

    Yes, price will go up after the initial 1-2y contract, but you can always switch back to cable and get some good deals as a new customer at that point in time, heh.

    I've been with AT&T fiber at my place for 5+ years now, before it was cable for a while. Prices have been creeping up every year or two, and they don't want to budge down for existing customers to their own "new customer prices", heh. At times I am tempted to switch back to cable for a year, at times I see good offers for new customers at half of my $75 internet bill, but I'd have to take a hit on the speed, use my own cable modem to avoid rental fees, etc.
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