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Thread: Wii Black Screen Problem

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    Wii Black Screen Problem

    Been trying to get help after many Google searches, but no luck.

    We have a black screen issue with our Wii. It turns on, I press "A" on the initial screen. I get the full Wii Menu. But if I click on the disc icon (Wii Sports for example) OR if I click on Mii Channel, the next screen comes up (with, at the bottom, the options Wii MENU OR START). When I choose START, the screen goes black. At this point even pressing the power button will not turn off the Wii. If I unplug, then replug, the Wii is usable again, but I only get just as far as I described above.

    We have the Wii apart, but I have no idea what might help at this point. So any help would be appreciated.

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    I think that's the part where it starts reading from the CDs, so maybe clean that laser and look at the motor if it spins CDs correctly. You may want to update the firmware, or jailbreak it.. Does it play games that are in memory and do not require discs?
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