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Thread: Netopia (Motorola) 2247-62 ISP Firmware? Locked?

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    Netopia (Motorola) 2247-62 ISP Firmware? Locked?

    Good morning,

    A buddy of mine is stuck with ADSL service out in the boonies, and his Bell Canada modem likely called it quits after a recent storm. I plan to go there tonight to investigate, but wanted to bring a backup modem with me just in case.

    I stumbled across this old Netopia 2247-62 DSL modem that was provided by a local ISP, Execulink. I figured "meh, should work" -- my how I was wrong.

    I found some old documents that indicate to hold the "RESET" button for 15+ seconds for the modem to factory reset everything -- which I did. They then mention I just need to navigate to and I should be good to go -- I wasn't. After the reset, I get a DHCP lease of 192.168.7.x (modem is Additionally, no ports are open. I ran nmap against it and every single port is closed.

    I suspect Execulink somehow locked this device down, as things just aren't adding up.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I'd rather not eWaste if I don't have to.


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    Update: Apparently I did not specify ranges correctly. I see ports 41023 and 41080 open. I can HTTP into 41080, but none of the typical passwords seem to work.

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    That's a router (gateway)....not a modem. So by default it will be running NAT (hence your private class C IP address) so all inbound ports will be closed.
    Very old model, I believe from back in the PPPoE DSL days. 10-15 seconds of the reset button should default it. Change in blinking light pattern when you do that should confirm.
    It may have been made special for that ISP with custom firmware specific for that ISP.
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