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Thread: Very slow download speeds

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    Question Very slow download speeds

    I used the TCP Optimizer for Windows 10 and it's slowed it down rather than help it be faster, here's the latest speed test results for your review/help: Speed Test Results
    52.6 Mbit/s down ↓
    35.7 Mbit/s up ↑
    ping: 78ms jitter: 12ms

    Test date: 2023.06.12 15:10 EDT
    IP Address:
    Location: Granger, IN, US

    mirror: (Jacksonville, FL USA)
    Test Link:

    I'm supposed to be getting close to 800 MB/second for my speed package for Xfinity and it's nowhere close to that! I know it won't be the exact speed, I know enough about how it works but please help me tweak it some, thanks!

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    Have you tried ? The speeds between you and different servers on the Internet will vary wildly depending on load at the moment, especially with shared bandwidth residential services.
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