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Thread: Esif_if kernel ..........what can this do?

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    Esif_if kernel ..........what can this do?

    I found this when i did a driverquery, I was looking for a reason 50% of ram is used by simply turning on laptop, now im thinking I might have a problem..... any advice would be great. there is alot of stuff going on but i'd probally ramble not knowing anything

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    Esif_if kernel may be from the IntelŪ Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework Utility Application.
    I can't find much about Esif_if kernel other than a file named esif_assist.exe
    Do you know if you have that installed?

    On another note -
    - 50% of ? means nothing.
    Some laptops are using 100% on startup, others use 10%, some others may use 60%
    It all depends on the amount of ram installed, and how many drivers, apps, services etc get started when windows loads up.

    Open your taskmanager and see what's using your ram, and post how much ram you have.

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