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Thread: WoW - ChatGPT is but a child compared to Nividia's LineUp of innovations.

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    WoW - ChatGPT is but a child compared to Nividia's LineUp of innovations.

    Mind boggling advancements in AI and hardware.
    And this is just the beginning.

    Got this in my feed and had to share it. >

    Things are moving fast, too fast.

    If you're young and bright, now (or yesterday) is the time to get involved with these new technologies.
    Those in university had better re-evaluate the path their education is on.
    Think ahead because the job you're working towards may not exist in a couple of years.

    So much to take in for one video.

    Man, I thought my i7 24gb ram was the cats A$$. (Sure beats my old TRS-80 .89mhz 4k ram)
    After watching that video it feels like those old days again with so much on the horizon.
    I wonder if the day will come (before my end) where the average Joe can afford a quantum computer with all the evolved
    bells and whistles mentioned in that video.
    The way things look right now, mankind ( or some of us ) won't allow us to progress at such speed.
    It's been that way all through history. 2 steps forward, one step back.

    A quick thought I had before I go......
    Think 20 years from now, with no wars in between.....
    Hundreds , or thousands (or more - millions even) of AI's in just as many differing fields of science, math, physics, urban planning etc etc etc
    all working together to fix all our problems, from racial division to food security - from energy sustainability to pollution reduction and way more.

    Take humans out of the equation and ego's, emotions, lying, corruption etc are gone from the decision making process.
    Hard decisions can be made. The kind humans don't like to deal with.

    Just some thoughts to consider.
    I'm sure everyone has some thoughts of their own.

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    ChatGPT has some news to share as well

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    Generative AI is great, you are right there is so much on the horizon.. Humans, more likely governments and administrations will not let AI run wild though, they will make sure it does not reduce the bureaucracy apparatus, I wouldn't worry about AI getting humans out of the equation, we are not at SkyNet level yet

    We live in very interesting times for sure, many of us becoming end users, or rather stepping on readily available technologies to reach further (or away, or back). I sometimes wonder, does it take something away from our thought capability to have everything readily available... As in, you don't have to know the underlying math, or programming language to achieve similar results, you don't have to memorize, learn, cramp knowledge and hone your abilities much, as answers are readily available online, etc. Has humanity reached the peak of its evolution, and will it devolve from there? Hopefully not
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