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Thread: Cloudflare network hacked

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    Cloudflare network hacked

    A group of hackers has taken over my cloudflare dns/HTTPS proxy server and started running many many servers from my platform. Iíve changed phones and phone numbers and they just follow and come right back. They are mostly active on port 443Ö and idea on how to stop them? Can I shut down the port?

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    You should be able to secure your Cloudflare account if you believe it's been compromised?

    The way that DNS proxies work is they sit in the middle of requests to you, so requests are redirected, hiding your IPs and theoretically securing your connection somewhat. Blocking port 443 will just prevent traffic, but you should instead focus on securing your accounts and tackling the original problem.

    What is your platform, what servers are running, how are you sure that the Cloudflare DNS proxy is the culprit?
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