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Thread: Slow Upload Speed All of A Sudden

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    Slow Upload Speed All of A Sudden

    I have a Netgear 1900 c7000v2 modem/router (installed in April 2019) ethernetted to my PC (new in March 2019). I have the Cox Internet Preferred 250 plan (250 download and 10 upload) and normally get about 280-290 mbps download and 10-11 mbps upload. Recently, I noticed I am only getting 0.6 mbps on the upload. I have reset the modem, changed the port and cable, checked for updates, etc. I have good channel locking on 24 of 24 download channels and 4 or 8 upload channels. I switched to wifi and got 230 on the download and 10.8 on the upload, ie pretty normal for wifi with the other PCs/Laptops in the house that operate on wifi. So, what is wrong? Any idea if I have a mechanical problem with the modem/router, or the PC?

    Not sure what specs might be useful, but:
    Dell XPS 8930 (Apr 2019)
    Intel i7-8700 @ 3.2 ghz
    16 RAM
    Win 10 22H2
    Killer E2400 gb Ethernet Controller
    Qualcomm QCA 9377 802.11ac Wireless Adapter
    Nvidia GEforce GTX 1050 Ti
    Baseboard Dell, ODF425, A00


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    If you're getting 10 Mbps on Wi-Fi, but only 0.6 Mbps on Ethernet, this would point to a problem with your PC or cabling. I would start with reinstalling/updating Network Adapter drivers, then going through all the adapter settings. Ddisable Energy-efficient Ethernet, packet coalescing, etc. There is a more extensive list here:

    Also, check your PC for software that may be using up all available bandwidth, some routers also allow you to see bandwidth utilization per client.

    I hope this gives you some pointers.
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    The problem is with Killer. I uninstalled the Killer Intelligence Center from the Start/Programs list, and uninstalled the Killer E2400 GB Ethernet Controller from Control Panel-Programs-Programs and Features. Restarted the PC and Speedtest has me getting my expected 8 ping, 286 download and 10.46 upload. Some folks on the Dell forum have said Windows auto update will reload killer and restart the problem. If that happens I will try to disable it in services or task manager. One person said the only solution is to stop automatic Windows updates.

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    Thanks for following up and posting the solution. That "Killer Intelligence Center" application is Dell software, if it gets reinstalled it's probably the Dell updates, rather than Windows updates. I would disable Dell automatic updates and review them periodically.

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