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Thread: TCPOptimizer on Server 2022

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    TCPOptimizer on Server 2022

    I ran TCPOptimizer on a Windows Server 2022 Enterprise. Got a cryptic error about failing to update the "specified template" and that the "parameter is incorrect". No further information provided so I don't know what the specific issue was.

    Reason for attempting this is that the server is quite speedy and has a 10GB NIC connected to a 10GB Cisco switch. All cables are new CAT8 cables as an FYI. I have two personal workstations running 10GB NICs and ran the TCPOptimizer on both just fine. I then ran a few tests...

    When copying a large set of files they start out around ~900MB/s then drop to the low ~260MB/s range. Clearly things are not transferring at 10GB speeds. While I realize Windows sucks and all, I should be getting significantly faster xfer rates given that everything is 10GB end to end. The file destination is on an SSD for max write speeds as the disk speeds directly impact xfers.

    Ignoring the Server 2022 error for now, what are some ideas I can try to solve this weird speed issue?

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    260 Megabytes/s is still close to 2.5 Gigabits/s, so definitely better than 1 Ggps speeds. I would look through the Network adapter settings, turn off any "Green" power settings, turn off packet coalescing, turn on jumbo frames, etc.

    The Server 2022 error seems related to templates, normally Windows 10 uses the "internet" template, not sure what Windows 2022 server uses. You can see a list of templates and their current corresponding settings in PowerShell using: Get-NetTcpSetting
    Note that not all templates are editable.
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