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Thread: Wireless Network, ADSL, Sygate, WinPoet & Aironet

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    Post Wireless Network, ADSL, Sygate, WinPoet & Aironet

    Hi - I've been attempting to solve a bad internet sharing problem with my wireless network.

    I connect to my ADSL account with WinPoet and setup a wireless share to my laptop with Sygate.

    The problem is that the laptop can't keep a connection to the internet long enough to load a web page.

    I've tried all the patchs listed on SpeedGuide and changed the registry settings as recommended by Sygate, but the problem persits.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I've heard that I should try All-Aboard. Is this worth trying?

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    Use all aboard I have 3 Pc's connected together seamlessly with all-aboard, worked right out of the install no problem.

    I used Sygate/wingate etc.. but had problems with both of them.



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