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Thread: LifeLock Hacked.... Ouch

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    Unhappy LifeLock Hacked.... Ouch

    I just saw this yesterday so I'm not sure if it's old news or not but... not looking good for them at all.

    I don't know anyone who uses it or their password manager but it would be interesting to hear how they handled this with their customers. I mean, I would think that most people who signed up for LifeLock are the less than tech savvy computer users who just hear the word Norton and figure it's got to be good.

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    This is going to be ... really bad. I hope LifeLock is hit with massive liability.

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    I understand this happening to small companies with few resources, but Norton ? That's kind of ridiculous. People reuse passwords, and there are many security breaches out there, seems that was the issue here. Still, even browsers these days warn you of such compromised passwords.
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