I have a DWA0120 router, supplied by SSE. I am having line speed issues, probably because of poor line quality. I'd be grateful for any help interpreting the statistics.

I get:

DSL Mode Fast
Line Rate 5.77 Mbps 32.4 Mbps
Data Transferred 1009.85 MBytes 6716.86 MBytes
Output Power 2.7 dBm 11.7 dBm
Line Attenuation 6.3, 37.8, 57.6 dB 18.1, 49.1, 74.7 dB
Noise Margin 5.9 dB 8.8 dB

I understand that the noise margin of 8.8db is 'fair', not good.

I am not sure what all the Line Attenuation figures apply to. I can't find a manual for the router that explains this. I can see that the figures of 49.1Mbps and over are not good, but I'd like to understand what they refer to.

Any help gratefully received!