Our water heater died the other day. We got 17 years out of it so I think we got our money's worth. Although I've tackled a lot of small DIY stuff around the house I've never replaced or installed a water heater. For the record our water heater is located outside on the side of the house, only 50 gallons, excellent access and to me pretty much an easy money job. So I get on the phone and start calling around. Well, the first guys to show up (A well known company that I see in our neighborhood all the time) and they quoted me $2417.00. I almost started laughing when the guy showed me the quote on his iPad. I mean honestly, $2417.00 for a water heater?

As these guys were pulling away from the curb my neighbor drives up and I relay the story to him. He looks at me and says "Why don't we just do it now, I'll give you a hand?". After a quick assessment of the old heater we head over to Lowes and 10 minutes later I'm walking out with almost the exact same brand, model, capacity and 6 year warranty as what was previously installed for only $870.00. An hour and a half later I'm taking a hot shower.