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Thread: Extortion email

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    Cool Extortion email

    LOL, I got one of those emails that claimed to have downloaded all my pics, had access to my social networks, emails, chat history and claimed that I'm a "big fan of adult websites". It's kind of funny because at first glance it appears to be written without the usual bad spelling you get in those Nigerian scams. What else is kind of weird is that they want 1.7 bitcoin. That seems like a lot of cash (just under USD30k). They are also going to "monitor your every move until I get paid". Obviously the bottom line is that they're threatening to release all this to my friends and family.

    I guess if they did get all my info and have it on "their servers" I can rest easier knowing that all my stuff has been backed up... LOL.

    It's just sad that people fall for this.

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    Haven't seen one of those in a while, the "sex-tortion" scams. They were really popular and flying around after the big Linked-In breach a few years ago, as they'd send your password in the email to make it seem really legit.
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    Heh, I get a couple of those in my "Junk" folder as well:

    Hello there!

    Unfortunately, there are some bad news for you.
    Around several months ago I have obtained access to your devices that you were using to browse internet.
    Subsequently, I have proceeded with tracking down internet activities of yours.

    Below, is the sequence of past events:
    In the past, I have bought access from hackers to numerous email accounts (today, that is a very straightforward task that can be done online).
    Clearly, I have effortlessly logged in to email account of yours (...).

    A week after that, I have managed to install Trojan virus to Operating Systems of all your devices that are used for email access.
    Actually, that was quite simple (because you were clicking the links in inbox emails).
    All smart things are quite straightforward. (>_<)
    While collecting your information, I have found out that you are also a huge fan of websites for adults.
    Let's resolve it like this:
    All you need is $1350 USD transfer to my account (bitcoin equivalent based on exchange rate during your transfer), and after the transaction is successful, I will proceed to delete all that kinky stuff without delay.
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