Hi all!

While I finally managed to register with this site (as you see ,
I'd however like to notify you about oddities I encountered during
the registration process.

Have to point out that my internet access bandwidth is limited (only
64 kbps, i.e. ISDN speed). With full-featured browser, complex pages
take several minutes to load. I thus prefer Mikulas' Links browsers,
which loads common sites at reasonable speed.

Alas, user forums nowadays make use of CAPTCHAs to register with their
sites, and so does reactos.org. There is no way to decipher CAPTCHAs
with a text mode browser ... As they rely on JavaScript code, Links
in graphics mode won't do the job, neither.

Worth mentioning that completing one CAPTCHA alone was not enough.
Only after the fifth or sixth, a dearly yearned "A welcome message
with further instructions has been sent to your e-mail address."
was displayed. I opened the one-time registration link in this
confirmation mail in Links from my main computer, but first thought
that a default password should display.

Then (unnecessarily) tried to open speedguide site's confirmation mail
in Firefox 45.2.0 from Ubuntu 16.04 CD boot. As my freemail account's
site heavily uses JavaScript for advertisments, a total of 100 megabytes
data transfer (over 64 kbps line) was reached here until the next day.
Reactos.org is not to blame for this, just an incurred inconvenience.
Thankfully, required steps from the one-time link could be performed
from Links as well (and the Firefox session be shut down). Login/
logout works fine in Links, so there.

The registration took some energy I'd better have used for contributions.
It seems that not the connection speed to reactos.org was the limiting
(cumbering) factor, but rather the redirection to external Google
servers. Suggestions or confirmation appreciated.

Regards, Jerremy