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Thread: PCIe 5.0

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    ya 9 years on one system is a long time, but when i built it i knew it was money well spent, the only thing i upgraded was a video card that was a killer deal, and larger drives here and there.

    the 5950X CPU has really come down in price and for sure ddr4 is pretty cheap now, i was thinking of doing that kinda system for a while.

    looking at the 7950x once i see real world benchmarks/cooling needs, but now there is talk of a 7950x 3d model, i wonder if it will much faster, the 7950x already goes to 5.7Ghz if cooling is right.

    i boogles my mind how fast these new CPUs are nowadays, i struggled to get a stable 4.3Ghz on my 4930K and have had to run her at 4.1 for a few years now
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    Newegg is advertising 3 more days until the new Ryzen CPUs are out.

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