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Thread: Is FB going to slowly fade away?

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    Question Is FB going to slowly fade away?

    In light of the recent decrease in their stock price... it got me thinking. Do you think that there is any chance that FB will just become some backwater app? I really don't hear the name come up half as much as I use to hear it talked about. There were saying that the biggest growth arena for them is the Asian and South American market. Is there a chance that they'll eventually be replaced or at least just fade away into obscurity? Once the advertisers realize it's not what it use to be they may begin jumping ship, and then what?

    Just thinkin' out loud

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    IMO, FB will remain at least for a while. I don't see it as a short-lifed social platform like MySpace was.

    It has the traction for advertising revenue, local businesses doing geo fenced ads, and so many "groups".

    It may have lost its "pre-teen" and "teen" users...they've all gone to things like snapchat where they can post naked/nudie shots and have them disappear quick.

    But I think for those of us over 30 years remains our "go-to" for social media.

    I recall signing up for Twitter way back when, but I haven't logged into it/used it for....probably since that first year it came out.
    InstaGram...I never bothered with.
    LinkedIn turned into useless noise. I still have an account there but...really don't use it.

    Facebook, I'm still in it every day, some "personal" stuff, but about 75% of the time, I'm involved in FB Groups....several different IT/MSP groups, boating, etc. But mostly the IT related groups.
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    I don't have a FB, Twitter or anything else for that matter. I enjoy the forum format. I was just thinking that FB doesn't really seem to be that big of a thing anymore. I agree with you about LinkedIn. I never joined but about 10 years ago it really seemed like a place for professionals to strut their stuff. Sort of an informal resume site. It doesn't appear to be that relevant or a go to reference any longer.

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    Facebook/Meta is profitable, and has a large active user base. As YOSC said, the users that left are mostly teens with different fast-paced needs, but FB seems to be the go-to place for social gatherings and groups of friends, classmates, etc. I am not active user there, but I do login once a month or so to check on a couple of groups and old classmates.

    As to their recent market drop, it affected most of the S&P500 (down 10% YTD), more in the tech/growth sectors. FB got some bad press, but they're resolving the targeted advertising issues, and their stock drop is not based on fundamentals imho. Look at the Netflix fiasco, they reported higher than estimated earnings, but slightly fewer subs and stock promptly dropped from $350 to $200. Spotify followed, etc. Market is crazy volatile and seems to be working on hype/news a lot more than fundamentals/earnings/company viability, etc.
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