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Thread: Mobile (IOS) spoeed test?

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    Mobile (IOS) spoeed test?

    I've been using this site for years. In the last few months I've been having issues with mobile device
    speed tests. Today I tried multiple times on IOS using 3 different browsers. When I go to the website
    with Safari, the usual popup ads begin, then the entire screen starts flashing, alternating sizes by about
    1/2 larger/smaller and the speed test doesn't work. With the other browsers it doesn't do the flashing but
    after I click on the button to start nothing happens. Nothing at all. I saw a speculative post on another
    site that said some ISPs were interfering with SG traffic because people are paying for GB speeds and
    only getting 40mb, but the ISP's speed test would say everything was fine. I saw another post that said
    a major ISP had purchased a couple other speed test sites and was faking the results, which I find hard
    to believe, but not totally unexpected. Any ideas on what's needed for IOS to work here, i.e. browser,
    settings, etc..?
    Thanks in advance.

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    There are a number of speed test sites, you can simply try downloading a large file from a distant server to see actual speeds. I would test at, however, I would change to a different server that is not your ISP/city.

    Will look into ours when time allows.

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