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Thread: I guess that it is time to say...

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    I guess that it is time to say...

    I have debated on posting this however I thought that I should while I still can.

    I am under hospice care now and have about 2 months to go...

    The medicines help to keep the pain at bay. Damn good dope, if I do say so myself! I will under go no treatments, nor life support.

    I have lived a great life and had the time to get my affairs in order. That is something that many don't think about or want to think about. If you have assets, don't put it off as I consider myself lucky for knowing and having time to get things set up so my son will pay no inheritance taxes.

    I am to be cremated with my ashes poured at the foot of my mothers grave, up by the farm in an ancient cemetery deep in woods, where you never know what animals will be there; deer, foxes, rabbits, coyotes, armadillos, panthers, etc. It has graves dating back to the Seminole Indian wars, and unmarked even before. Very unique and different from modern graves, to say the least...

    All of my modern ancestors have granite slabs and headstones. It is very peaceful and people are paid to keep it nice looking.

    Anyway, I am to have no funeral, celebration of life, ad in newspaper, and such. I just want to fade away as the people that I want to know, already know, thus my reason for posting here...

    I really don't want any replies or well wishes, I just wanted you to know why this may be my last post. You guys are a great bunch that I view as family and wish the best of luck to all of you!

    Remember, spend like a movie star, party like a rock star, and do it like a pr0n star!

    Take care and be safe!

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    Ken, been thinking about ya, wondering when this time would come.

    Will give you a shout, if you're not able to answer/talk, well I'll post it here.

    Been a pleasure knowing you, we had some GREAT times, and you coached me through one of my tough times...I thank you for your wisdom, and I thank you for your friendship. And for the endless laughs...any time spend with you, resulted in sore cheek muscles from laughing so hard the entire time!

    Hope things are as tolerable as possible during this last stretch.

    All our love, Brian and Michelle.
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    Ken, I will come down to Tampa one of these days, we will have a few laughs, beers and wings, you've outlasted a few such prognoses, don't count on this one! I know this is not easy, but you know you have many good friends here.
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    Will miss you Ken. Praying for you and your family.

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    Keanu Reeves: "When you die, the people who love you, will miss you"

    I love you big guy.
    People will forget what you said... and people will forget what you did... but people will never forget how you made them feel.

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