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Thread: Securing sensitive files

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    Question Securing sensitive files

    I was just curious as to what the community thinks are best practices for securing personal files on a Win 10 computer? I keep all my passwords in a password safe program but I also have things like scanned copies of insurance cards, birth certs and things like that. I don't see these as a huge security risk but I would still like to have them secure and on my PC. Is password protecting a folder good enough? Maybe some sort of encryption?

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    Password-protecting a folder should be good enough in my opinion, it's all about encrypting the data, and how sensitive it is I suppose.. Next step would be to have it in encrypted and in cold storage disconnected from any network I suppose.
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    I store in OneDrive.
    I have Windows Hello with password less push MFA protecting my account.
    And OneDrive/Sharepoint data is stored in 365's cloud inside of Bitlocker.
    And we have our 365 tenant backed up via DropSuite SaaS.

    Accessible from any of my computers.
    Thus not tied to health of a single computers drive (which can fail)
    Very secure
    And backed up 3rd party in addition to my 365 retention policies of "never delete".
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